Pkhali from the Chef of Kharcho Restaurant

Pkhali is one of the most popular and beloved by many people dishes of the Georgian cuisine. It is very easy to cook and there are so many variations. You may use almost any vegetables and herbs to co...

Marinated cod

There are lots of recipes to cook marinated fish. A great variety of such recipes consists of frying pieces of fish in oil. I would like to offer you a recipe of lean fish in marinade. It gets tasty, ...

Fresh sea bass carpaccio with citrus sauce

Hospitable and vivacious brand-chef of Park Giuseppe Restaurant Sergey Lasarev showed us how to cook fresh sea bass carpaccio with citrus sauce – a simple but dainty food.

Tuna with orange sauce from Chef of Lesnaya skazka Restaurant

The Chef of Lesnaya skazka Restaurant Rakif Gabibov demonstrated to us how to cook tuna with orange sauce – light, rich, at the same time healthy, bright and nice dish.

Fried milk dessert

Fried milk is a classic dessert of the Chinese cuisine. For sure, many of you have tried it and even loved it so much. But how to fry the milk? It is very simple, as we see. The cook from China workin...

Potatoes fried with eggplants

It is fast, tasty and copious. Brown-crusted potatoes with pieces of juicy eggplants will not leave anyone indifferent.