Fast Napoleon

When you need something hyper-festive for a dessert and you have no time to stand the whole day (even two days!) in front of the oven, then mother wit and ingenuity come to help us. Take the puff paste, prepare the cream and voila – Napoleon is ready! You can cook it even on your dacha (of course, if it’s equipped with the oven). For sure, in the summer we will dress the cake with berries!
Cooking time — 1 hour
Complication — medium
Main ingridient: dairy-products
Category: desserts
Kitchen: author, home



  • Frozen unleavened puff paste – 1 pack (500 g);
  • Cream11% – 300 ml;
  • Milk – 450 g;
  • Sugar – 150 g;
  • Flour – 2 tea spoons + 1 glass for coating;
  • Corn starch – 1.5 tbsp;
  • Eggs – 3 pc

    Step 1

    молочные продукты
    Unfreeze the paste. Close to the end of it, start preparing custard – pastry cream. Pour milk and cream into the saucepan, add sugar there.

    Step 2

    молочные продукты
    Get it boiled.

    Step 3

    молочные продукты
    Meanwhile, prepare the flour and starch to make them at hand.

    Step 4

    молочные продукты
    When the milk-cream mixture gets boiled, low down the heat until the least and add flour with starch. Stir up well to avoid dough balls.

    Step 5

    молочные продукты
    Beat in eggs one by one and keep stirring up. The custard doesn’t have to boil! Otherwise, the eggs will be clotting. From time to time I even take out the saucepan from the heat.

    Step 6

    молочные продукты
    We have flat nice custard. Switch it off and leave for a while.

    Step 7

    молочные продукты
    Take the paste. I have it rolled in, so I divide it into two parts. If you have two plates of paste, you are incredibly lucky and may miss this step.

    Step 8

    молочные продукты
    Cut each half into 4 parts. Totally, we have 8 layers.

    Step 9

    молочные продукты
    Roll out the paste on the table coated with flour to get the thinnest possible layer. If it tears up, do not cry or throw the paste away – just join the edges with fingers and roll out with a rolling pin. Of course, be very careful when rolling out the paste.

    Step 10

    молочные продукты
    Put the paste on a baking pan coated with baking paper, make holes with a fork and put into the oven pre-heated until 200 degrees for 6 minutes (until brown-golden color). When one layer is being baked, roll out the next one.

    Step 11

    молочные продукты
    Take out the baked layer from the oven and leave it to cool down on a grid. Put the next layer on the same baking pan coated with the same baking paper (do not forget to make holes with a fork) and put into to the oven for the same time. Meanwhile, when the first layer is cool, take it over to the board and cut the edges evenly. Do not exaggerate, cut just a little. Put the scraps into a bowl.

    Step 12

    молочные продукты
    Coat the layer with custard.

    Step 13

    молочные продукты
    Et cetera. Take out the baked layer, put the next one into the oven, roll out the new one, cut the baked layer, put on top of the cake, coat with cream.

    Step 14

    молочные продукты
    Go on until the last layer.

    Step 15

    молочные продукты
    Mash the craps into crumbs with hands.

    Step 16

    молочные продукты
    Top the cake with them.

    Step 17

    молочные продукты
    Let it get soaked, ideally overnight but at least for 4 hours. Serve with pleasure. I’ve already written that with berries it is just mind-driven, isn’t it?

    Bon appetite!
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