Cream with mascarpone and berries

It is a wonderful summer dessert not requiring any heat treatment. Which is very important! Because there is no wish to stand in front of the oven in hot weather. It doesn’t take a while to cook. Being so tender and tasty, it will conquer you, I am sure.  
Cooking time — less than 30 minutes
Complication — simply
Main ingridient: dairy-products
Category: desserts
Kitchen: author



  • Mascarpone – 500 g;
  • Sugar powder – 70-100 g;
  • Vanilla extract (sugar) – 1 tea spoon;
  • Milk – 1/2 - 2/3 glass; 
  • Berries (I had strawberries) – 500 g;
  • “Roll-in ears” biscuits.

Step 1

молочные продукты
Wash out the berries.

Step 2

молочные продукты
Put mascarpone to a bowl for stirring up.

Step 3

молочные продукты
Add sugar powder, vanilla sugar (extract). I wrote approximately 70-100 g of sugar powder because people have their own limits of excessive sweetness. Add little by little and try.

Step 4

молочные продукты
Stir up with a blender with whisk cap or with a mixer until the flat mass. As you see, the cream is quite thick. For this reason, milk is entering the game.

Step 5

молочные продукты
Add milk and stir up until the flat mass. Again I gave approximate proportions because mascarpone is different. Regulate the thickness to your taste. Start with a half glass of the milk and then see. The cream will be smooth and shining.

Step 6

молочные продукты
Arrange it over small or average glasses.

Step 7

молочные продукты
Garnish with berries and biscuits. Serve more berries with biscuits in small bowls beside.

Bon appetite!
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