Carpaccio with tuna, prawns, scallops from Porto Maltese restaurant

Chef Milos Kostic presents a light starter for a glass of good white wine which will definitely remind of the sea and approaching vacation season.
Cooking time —
Complication —
Main ingridient: fish
Category: fish dishes


Porto Maltese / Порто Малтезе (неактивный),

Кухня: Рыбная, Средиземноморская
Средний счет :до 1000р


Fresh tuna – 100 - 150 g

Fresh prawns – 2 pc.

Scallops – 2 pc.

Spring onion

Few basil leaves

Little mango

Marinated truffle

Half a lemon

Truffle oil, olive oil, salt and pepper to your taste. 

Step 1

Prepare ingredients.

Step 2

Pour a little olive oil on a dish. Cut spring onion, avocado and basil.

Step 3

Slice tuna thick to feel the taste.

Step 4

Cut scallops.

Step 5

Halve prawns alongside and press out to let them extract juice.

Step 6

Arrange on a dish and top with pepper.

Step 7

Sprinkle prawns and tuna with olive oil and scallops with truffle oil.

Step 8

Place truffle on top of scallops, then place basil – on top of prawns and spring onion and mango on top of tuna.

Step 9

Sprinkle all with lemon juice.

Step 10

Our dish is ready, bon appetite!

Bon appetite!
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