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Red roe is, perhaps, the only food which can be found on any celebratory table. It is also a visit card of Russian cuisine, and it is especially good as a filling for Russian pancakes
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Red roe is, perhaps, the only food which can be found on any celebratory table. It is also a visit card of Russian cuisine, and it is especially good as a filling for Russian pancakes. I remember the times when it was almost impossible to buy it, and every little jar got covertly or through some acquaintances was worth its weight in gold. Things have changed. Roe has become accessible – just pay. You are offered roe in jars and roe by weight – choose any. However, we seldom ask ourselves which salmon fishes gave that roe: noble ones - salmon and trout, or Pacific – gorbusha (hunchback salmon), nerka (blueback salmon), kizhuch (silver salmon), chavycha (chinook) and keta (Siberian salmon).
It is customary to serve roe in glassware placed in a cupronickel dish with chipped ice. It is usually eaten with butter; you take a little butter and roe on your plate. Then you take a knife in your right hand and spread a little butter, then roe on a slice of bread in your left hand. Eat the sandwich with your left hand. If the roe is served with toasts, put the roe on them with a spoon. You can cook many nice and tasty dishes with roe. Besides the above-mentioned pancakes, you can decorate seafood salads and hors d"oeuvres with it, serve it as a separate dish, or think up any other variation as everything depends on your opportunities and imagination.

Roe Salad

750g fine potatoes
1 egg
1 bunch spring onions
250ml vegetable broth
7 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp olive oil
salt, ground pepper
2 tbsp sour cream
150g cream yogurt
1 tbsp grated lemon peel
1 pinch sugar
50g red roe

Rinse the potatoes and boil them "in jackets" about 20 minutes. Hard-boil the egg. Rinse the potatoes and egg with cold water, and peel them. Rinse, dry and slice spring onions. Boil vegetable broth with 4 tbsp of lemon juice and olive oil. Season the broth to taste with salt and ground black pepper. Slice the potatoes and leave for 20 min in hot broth. Chop the egg. Combine sour cream, cream yogurt, candied peel and remaining lemon juice. Season with salt, ground pepper and sugar. Take the potatoes out of the broth, put on a dish and serve with sour cream mix, roe, egg and green onions.

Profiteroles With Roe

125ml milk
60g butter
salt on a knife pinch
1/2 tsp sugar
100g flour
2-3 eggs
for filling:
red roe

Bring salted milk to boil, add butter pieces, and bring to boil again. As soon as the milk begins to boil, add all the flour and stir thoroughly with a spoon until homogeneous, then turn down the heat, and stir until dense and shining. Take the pastry off the heat and add eggs one by one stirring continuously until the pastry becomes elastic. The prepared pastry should be a bit crumbly. Use a teaspoon to put the pastry on a buttered and floured baking tray in pieces the size of a quail egg. Bake on the middle level, about 15 min, at 200 С. Cut off the tops of the baked profiteroles or halve them. Put a little butter and roe into each half. Serve on a plate.

Princely Pancake Pie

For batter:
2 cups flour
3 cups milk
1 egg
salt, sugar to taste
1/4 tsp soda
For filling:
50g butter
2 jars red roe or caviar

Prepare pancake batter with the suggested ingredients. (You can make pancakes following any recipe you like or have verified, just do not make them too rich). Make medium-thick pancakes on a heated frying pan (not too thin). Then put them on a dish spreading butter and roe on each (as many layers as you like). That will be your pie.

Baked Potatoes With Red Roe

4 potatoes
50g butter
spring onions
100g red roe
200g sour cream

Rinse and dry potatoes, put them on a buttered baking tray and bake 30 min. Chill down the potatoes a little and halve them. Remove the middles with a spoon. Carefully mash the potato middles. Combine with 50g of sliced butter. Chop 1/2 bunch of spring onions into rings. Carefully combine the onions and roe with potatoes. Fill the potato halves with this filling. Then heat sour cream in a saucepan, add powdered paprika, salt and pepper. Put the filled potato halves on a plate and serve with sour cream sauce.

Bon appetite!
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