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Grand Cru Restaurant: New Version

Redaktor, 27 October 2014

Wine bar Grand Cru presents a new version of the author's menu from the concept-Chef Adrian Quetglas. All chapters of the menu have been updated. The main autumn & winter accents are thick sauces, an abundance of warm-up spices and seasonal products.

Осьминоге с хамоном и соусом айоли из копченой паприки.

Restaurant Grand Cru

Kitchen: European, Italian, Mediterranean
Average bill: 2000-3000 rub
Address: 52, Fontanka river embankment, Saint-Petersburg

Adrian added a smoked flavour to a few dishes – it addresses us to preserving products for winter. We may find it in the autumn white beans cream-soup and in octopus with jamon. In the recent dish it is disclosed in the Aioli sauce with smoked paprika.

Carbonara sauce based on yolk and bacon will “warm up” ravioli with light squid. 

Quetglas's author approach can be recognized in the abundance of spices. This season Adrian gives preferences to winter spices. In the chicken salad under a curious name “Look inside” they cook apple with cinnamon, cloves and cardamon. Experiments with apple go on in risotto: it is caramelized there and served with eel. 

In the cold season there is reindeer ragout and rigatoni with osso bucco in the menu. Veal cheeks are served with wheat risotto and red pepper emulsion, white rib eye is served a la bordelaise. Fish dishes are replenished with sea bass in Thai style and Dorado with bulgur. 

A special attention is brought to new desserts. Funnel cake with honey tea and liquid sea buckthorn merengues will cheer you up in grey weather, while chocolate praline and a cup of ea will warm you up in the strongest frost. Even special cheesecake is traditionally updated: what is left – to know how! 

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