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Meat on the bone at Bison Steak Houses

Redaktor, 12 September 2013

Special meat on the bone has been introduced for real men for the hunting season at Bison Steak Houses.  

Unlike the traditional steak, the juicy meat flesh is breaking up once touching with a fork. 

Let’s start with beef ribs. This dish has ‘Asado pampa’ at Bison which means spicy ribs of Australian beef abundantly topped with a sauce. The special sauce is based on Argentinian wine, Demi Glace, Californian raisin and Dijon mustard. 

Lamb combined with aromatic rosemary and baked garlic deserves a special attention.  

‘Rack of lamb baked with rosemary’ is juicy and tender meat of freeranch lamb fr om Uruguay topped with golden crust. 

The bone stewed together with meat for a while, becomes an integral part of the dish. This is a concept of Ossobuko wh ere the bone of Canadian veal shank together with brain is served to the selected side dish Кость, которая долгое время тушилась вместе с мясом, становится частью блюда. Tender meat is melting in the mouth and the aroma of spices will drive you crazy. 

The meat is cooked with white wine, San Marzano tomatoes, vegetables and aromatic spices. The dish will perfectly match with mashed potatoes. 

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