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Fashion Food Festival 2015

Redaktor, 3 November 2015

The festival of haute cuisine Fashion Food 2015 has already started. Haute couture author’s menus   will be available in restaurants of Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kazan, Khabarovsk, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and Sochi.

The Fashion Food festival unites chefs of different schools and directions which have a special approach to food like to art.

This is a list of Moscow restaurants which participate in the festival: Cristal Room Baccarat, UGOLЁK, Buddha-Bar Moscow, Soho Country Club, Satrapezo, Palazzo Ducale, Fresco Cafe, Svetly, Chalet, Soho Rooms, Trattoria Siciliana, SEASONS, Villa Rosa, Royal bar, A.V.E.N.U.E, Semiramis, Montis' Friends, Normandie-Niemen, Roni, Chester Ferry, Gutai, La Barge, Semifreddo, Modus Cafe, MARANI, Corner Burger, BQ Cafe, Montalto, Tatler Club, Hooligan Moscow, Osteriadi Campagna, Bistrot, La Bottega Siciliana, LES ARTISTS, La Colline, Marrone Pizza & Grill, Funny Cabany, Accenti, Wine Religion, Chalet, el Gauchito, Black Market, Elements By Edward Kwon, Piazza Italiana, MARIO in Zhukovka, Porto Maltese,T-Bone, Chemodan, Berezka, Italianets, Celentano, OTRADA, Kome zhit khorosho, Keanu, Oblaka, Jean Remi, Hugo, Bouillabaisse, Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club, Gastronom, Ekhal Greka cherez reku, Vanil, Makotto, Chaika, Lastochka.

Perfect collections of dishes will be performed with a few sorts of branded sing-malt Scotch whisky.


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