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MoreMore Restaurant

Redaktor, 6 July 2015

The MoreMore Restaurant has been open in the area of the yacht club Admiral on the coast of the Klyazma water storage.

You may arrive to the restaurant by car, by boat and even by helicopter as there is a ground for it within the club area. What is more important you may fully enjoy summer vacations at the restaurant swimming, sunbathing on sun loungers near water, eating good sea cuisine and feeling the ambiance of vacations.

The MoreMore Restaurant is situated on a big buoyancy tank. The main two-level hall is decorated with white furniture, light tents, fish meshes – all is white and napkins are of the aquamarine colour. There is a big open terrace and the area with a small swimming pool and bright sun loungers. All is like a the seaside!
The menu for the restaurant has been created by Odessa citizen Andrey Koshkodan. He fries goatfish, cooks fish soup on transparent broth and makes crayfish at the MoreMore Restaurant in Moscow.

Good drinks are served at the restaurant and near the swimming pool. The author of the cocktail list is Denis Konenkov.

The restaurant is open up to 6 am, so you may enjoy the wash of waves and the sky full of stars all night long on weekends.

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