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Seasonal Update At Gusto Restaurant

Redaktor, 11 November 2015

The middle of autumn has brought an excellent present to Petersburg gourmets: the Gusto restaurant has updated the seasonal menu, having included more hot courses, warm desserts and copious starters.

Restaurant Gusto

Kitchen: Chefs, Italian
Average bill: 2000-3000 rub
Address: 1A, Degtyarnaya str., Saint-Petersburg
Ploschad vosstaniya

A traditional pumpkin soup becomes an author’s masterpiece because of its light black truffle foam. The unusual service will deceive even an experienced gourmet who might think that it is a dessert.

Cooks have added slices of orange as a drop of the sun from Sicily to cold starters and octopus carpaccio. 

The chapter with classical pastas has its own new position – lasagna with pumpkin and taleggio cheese. For poultry hunters we have prepared a duck leg confit as a hot course. The chef of Gusto adds chocolate crumbs to tender mascarpone cheese and burghul served as a side dish, creating an unbelievable ensemble of taste sensations. 

A dainty and bright dessert Luce De Gusto will be a nice conclusion as it is a real discovery for selective sweets-lovers. It is served with a scoop of persimmon ice-cream, an only seasonal fruit.
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