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Pacman Restaurant

Redaktor, 9 November 2015

Pacman is none other than a funny character of the computer game created in Japan and popular in 1980-s.

In honour of this game the owners of Laque Group Alena and Andrey Nezabudkiny have given the name to their new restaurant. The Pacman restaurant kitchen is headed by the chef Andrey Bundin. The menu consists of dishes from European, Russian, Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisines. Here they cook smoked reindeer with fresh mushrooms, balsamic caviar and pesto sauce, a fish soup with seafood and northern fish, rack of veal with potatoes and chanterelles in a sour sauce, pasta, grilled dishes and many other dishes. A separate paragraph is about sashimi, sushi and rolls as well as wok dishes. Anastasia Botkina has been a chef confectioner. Thinking over the bar list, a special attention has been paid to whisky selection: there are a few dozens of Scotch, American, Japanese and Irish whisky. A bar manager Artur Frolov has developed a list of author’s Pacman cocktails. 

The restaurant appearance has been created by designer Andrey Tsygankov. On the one hand, the Pacman space looks reserved and respectable but on the other hand, the classical elements match well with conceptual details, for instance original lamps. On Fridays and Saturdays famous singers, both Russian and foreign, give performances at Pacman. Besides musical concerts, famous DJs also play their sets here. The restaurant has a casual dress code.

St. Petersburg, Konyushennaya sq., 2.

Telephone: +7 (812) 997-77-67.

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