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Restaurant Genatsvale on Arbat

Restaurant, Karaoke Bar
Average check:
12:00 - 24:00
11/2, Novy Arbat str., Moscow (на карте)
Secured free
Number of halls:
4 halls - 300 seats. Karaoke banquet hall
Credit cards:
Master Card / Eurocard, Visa
For children:
Children's menu, Children's events
Business lunch:
Summer terrace, Parlor
Business Lunch
Sports on TV
Classics, Live, Pop/Rock, Background
Ideal place for:
Business, Tourists, Family dinner, Corporate events, Banquet, Late dinner, Wedding, Social life, Buffets, Overseas friends, Romantic
Additional information:
Kids’ parties on weekends from 2 to 8 pm, clowns invited. The restaurant is the winner of Style of the Year Prize, the stylish restaurant of 2005
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You can walk on and on the halls of the restaurant like narrow streets of old Tbilisi, watch the signs of colourful shops, climb cosy balconies along narrow stairs, leaning on wrought-iron rails or go down to chilly wine cellars.

A hanging bridge is tinkling, golden trout is jumping in a mountain river, and a restless waterfall is spinning the mill wheel.

To choose a table may seem hard. One wants to stay in a spacious hall with funny signs, old lampposts and tricky narrow stairs, leading to corners of the old city. The stage where Georgian musicians perform at nights is here. Small balconies with narrow stairs have special atmosphere. Hand-made carpets, beautifully mounted drinking horns, old jars, oil-lamps and other utensils, set on shelves, plunge an impressed guest into the atmosphere of old Tbilisi. Another landing with a covered table is decorated with a picturesque waterfall. That corner just for one table is placed right next to the mill wheel. Ones who are lucky to occupy it would enjoy a splendid view of streets, dilapidated tower and other sights of the old city.

Don’t forget about meals while watching these dramatic details. Though, it’s hardly possible if you are in a real Georgian restaurant. The culinary poem Genatzvale is dedicated to juicy vegetables, greens, hot khatchapuri, delicate fish dishes and all sorts of meat. Eggplants and walnuts, salty sulguni, khatchapuri stuffed with boiling cheese, butter and sunny egg-yolks, tasty khinkali and ketzi, filled with aromatic stewed meat, vegetables, greens and spices, shish-kebabs cooked from juicy mutton and pork, thick flavored lobio and so on. A wide variety of Georgian wines and national music at nights are agreeable accompaniment to the party.

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