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Cafe Gayane's

Cafe, Banket hall, Restaurant
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From 12.00 to the last guest (00.00), on Sat., Sun. from 10.00 to the last guest (00.00)
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1/4, 2nd Smolensky lane, Moscow (на карте)
Smolenskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya) (152 м), Arbatskaya (1.47 км), Kievskaya (1.08 км)
Secured chargeable
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Two halls: 1 hall – 60 seats, 2 hall – 40 seats
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Visa, Maestro, Master Card / Eurocard
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Children's events
Fireplace, Summer terrace
Background, Live
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Famous restaurateur Gayane Breiova launched a new project and opened Gayane’S restaurant of home Caucasian cuisine. 

“Finaly, I’ve made my dream come true and opened a restaurant representing the dishes of my childhood where not by talking but by treating, I would be able to disclose the history of dishes and authentic way of cooking, which taste and aroma I remember till now”.

A cosy and modern restaurant of Caucasian cuisine is a stylish restaurant trend. Gayane’S is a restaurant from the soul and for the soul.  

There is an interesting combination of different textures and ornamental patterns, incredibly cosy sofas in orient upholstery made of tissues especially brought from Armenia, kind warm fireplace and a majority of ancient accessorizes. You feel like a guest at a big aristocratic house of Armenian emigrants living in Europe in the beginning of the last century. 

There are 2 levels at Gayana’S. Low Hall Kitchen is designed in a rural style Im Gyukh (‘my village’ if translated from Armenian). All is simple here: wooden furniture, chairs with soft pillows, vases, photographs, clay dishes. However, most of all you’ll be impressed with a painting created by the famous Armenian artist Andranik Sargsyan: it takes the guests to the mountain valley creating a cosy ambiance of Caucasian hospitality. The painting will definitely cause a storm of emotions and light nostalgia over the motherland among those who were born in Caucasus, reminding of huge tables served with big portions of hot lamb kebab, an aroma of fresh bread and pitas. Those who have never been to the mountain valleys will surely have a desire to go to Caucasus or to stay in Moscow but to come to Gayane’S restaurant regularly.

The guests of the Low Hall may observe an open kitchen where working friendly and carefully, chefs cook magic meat on charcoal and warm pitas in tandoor. It is them who are going to unwittingly listen to your toasts, enjoying your great feast, and if you wish – coming out to recommend you dishes or tell the secrets of recipes or names. 

More aristocratic ambiance reigns at the High Hall. It’s so nice to sit there with friends on soft sofas at an incredibly tasty table discussing recent events. Guests are welcome to enjoy traditional Caucasian dishes in such a nice ambiance. The main accent has been made on Armenian cuisine. The menu includes only aromatic homemade tasty dishes cooked of fresh products per family recipes of the Gayanes family, provided that chefs have a charcoal and a tandoor at their disposal. It’s remarkable that all dishes are cooked on melted butter: world famous dolma (tender beef with rice, onion and spices wrapped in grape leaves) – 320 rubles, legendary khash (thick soup of beef legs served with pita, garlic sauce and radish) – 350 rubles, all kinds of kebabs and lula-kebabs (chicken with champignons, veal, mutton, pork etc.), various pastries – from khachapuri to zhingalov khats.

Gayane’S restaurant of home Caucasian cuisine is a long-expected and delicious surprise!


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1000-1500 rub
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from 3000 rub
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