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Banket hall Victoria

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Banket hall, Cafe, Restaurant
Number of halls:
2 halls: 1 (small) – 80 seats, 2 (banquet) – 250 seats
Official website:
22, Ryazansky Ave., Moscow (на карте)
Ryazansky prospekt (1.44 км)
No parking
Sports on TV, Disco, Belledance, Show
For children:
Children's events, Children's menu
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Banket Average check:

The Victoria Restaurant, popular with the city’s southeast locals, announces it has invited a new chef, the menu and wine list have been adjusted, the reconstruction of a splendid banquet hall on the first floor has been completed.

There is still a lovely café on the ground floor. Except for grilled saj, juicy shish-kebabs and tandoor dishes, other dishes, including French and Russian ones, are also served here.

The menu still impresses with its variety, and the serving has become more expressive, guests are pleased not only with quality and taste, but the way specialties look. You should see how amazing drinks are decorated!

You might as well say, the wine list has been significantly renewed – it has become more interesting and rich. Not only wines, but original cocktails and cigars have been added. Tea in samovars is still served in Ryazanskiy avenue, 22. Small wonder, there are always many guests, that’s why meals are always fresh, good at affordable prices. Cheerful, not fussy, kind and soft atmosphere accentuates the charm of local cuisine.

You can imagine you are somewhere in the south, not in the centre of Moscow, sitting among pottery and old photos in a separate family room, on the verandah or at a wooden table set on a podium, smoking hookah and listening to musicians or enjoying belly dance.

The Victoria is a perfect place to organize a small dinner or a date, wedding parties and formal celebrations. Impressively luxurious banquet hall is the right place to invite VIP guests. Soft carpets for feet to plunge, an amazing fountain, huge mirrors, marble stairs, wall painting, stucco, glamorous chandeliers, best tableware…

It’s just a brief description of the restaurant! The halls are designed in the Empire style with white walls, which are good to show photos, re-equipped platform for VIP guests, a large stage and expensive light equipment, perfect sound and a separate dance floor

 - you could hardly find the place like that in Moscow. You will be surprised with the prices for local parties. Welcome!


Georgian, European, Italian
Average bill:
up to 1000 rub
15, Zelenyj prospekt, Moscow


Caucasian, Russian, European
Average bill:
1000-1500 rub
20/34 bldg. 3, Novogireevskaya str., Moscow


Azerbaijani, European, Russian
Average bill:
1000-1500 rub
33, Aviamotornaya str., Moscow

Campus on Taganka

Russian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian, European, Oriental, Arabic
Average bill:
up to 1000 rub
Moscow, Bolshaya Andronievskaya str., 23, build. 1