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Club Club Kino

Club, Banket hall, Restaurant
Number of halls:
New hall - 70 seats, Large hall - 400 seats, Small hall - 30 seats, VIP hall - 30 seats, VIP-hall - 10 seats, on a buffet table - 750 seat
Official website:
16, building 1, Olimpiyskiy prospect, Moscow (на карте)
Prospekt Mira (528 м), Dostoevskaya (697 м)
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Visa, Master Card / Eurocard, American Express
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This unusual club restaurant, opened in 1995, was considered to be a meeting point for actors and representatives of other professions who are related somehow to the magic world of cinema. The concept of the restaurant anticipates exclusive mobility and a ‘transformation ability’, that is why it is an ideal place for parties and banquets, also for children’s feasts, fashionable defile, routs of high society and even car presentations! 
There is a billiard club working at the restaurant, which sees its aim in keeping traditions of the Russian billiard and popularization of this game. The restaurant looks like transformer from inside, which might change to being unrecognizable. Warm walls, high ceilings, the absence of decorations and professional mobile illumination create unlimited space for fantasy. There are three big halls at Kino which are visually separated from each other with light tissue curtains hiding additional jalousie which create excellent sound insulation which is very important for guests’ comfort. The curtains might be easily removed if needed expanding the space. About 800 people may be accommodated here at the same time and each of them will feel comfortable. The events for 30 or 70 people may also be organized at the restaurant and there is a VIP hall and a chamber with a separate entrance and all necessary facilities inside.Rectangular or round tables together with textile needed for decoration of tables and chairs might be provided to the guests upon their wish. The restaurant has been successfully cooperating for a long time with companies which render design services for buildings including decoration with live flowers when walls and columns are transformed to true masterpieces as a result of their magic work. There is a big stage with a curtain, professional musical equipment, instruments and sound director’s panel to organize an entertainment program.The banquet menu may be combined considering all wishes of guests. Kino Chef Roman Karanevskiy, young and creative master of his business, always strives to surprise the audience with both interesting recipes and original ways of serving the dishes. Besides, Roman is an excellent confectioner, ready to embody the most courageous and even crazy fantasies in cakes and pastries. With all its distinctive special features Kino cannot be called a close restaurant. During the daytime you can come here to have democratic business lunch and in the evening you can come for a meeting with friends and romantic date – there is enough space for everybody. The restaurant is convenient to drive to with a big parking for guests’ disposal which can accommodate even big buses.

Kavkazskaya plennitsa

Armenian, Georgian, Caucasian
Average bill:
1500-2000 rub
36, Prospekt Mira, Moscow


Oriental, Uzbek
Average bill:
2000-3000 rub
1 bldg. 24, Trifonovskaya str., Moscow

Pirogi, Vino i Gus (Pies, Wine and Goose)

Chefs, European
Average bill:
1000-1500 rub
B. 1, 23, Tsvetnoy bul'var, Moscow

Matsoni na Sukharevskoy

Georgian, European, Russian
Average bill:
up to 1000 rub
16/18 bldg. 2, Bol'shaya Sukharevskaya sqr., Moscow