Made-up apple pie

Вот уж "проще не придумаешь" - это про данный пирог! Самое сложное в рецепте - натереть яблоки на терке. Тут даже тесто делать не надо. Вы спросите - как это? А вот. На то он и насыпной. И восхитительно вкусный. Нюанс! Прежде чем кушать, необходимо полностью остудить, или будет разваливаться. А это трудновато сделать, потому как аромат такой, что соседи побегут.
Cooking time — 1 hour
Complication — simply
Main ingridient: fruits
Category: desserts
Kitchen: author, home



  • Antonovka apples – 7 pc (approximately 1.5 kg);
  • Flour – 1 glass;
  • Semolina – 1 glass;
  • Sugar – 1 glass;
  • Baking powder – 2 tea spoons; 
  • Cinnamon – 2 tea spoons; 
  • Starch (I have corn starch) – 2 tea spoons;
  • Grounded almonds (optional) – 2 tbsp;
  • Butter – 100 g.  

Step 1

The situation with apples is as follows: if you take sour apples, then follow the recipe. I have a real home Antonovka apples, so the result is ideal. If you have sweet sorts of apples, then press out the juice from 1 lemon after grating on a grater, otherwise the pie will be too sugared. So, wash out the apples.

Step 2

Remove the core but leave the skin! Being healthy, it has all aromas.

Step 3

Grate apples on a big grater. If apples are sweet, just remember what to do.

Step 4

Mix up all dry ingredients in the other bowl: flour, semolina, sugar (I have ½ glass white and ½ glass brown), cinnamon, starch and baking powder.

Step 5

This time I added almonds (I wrote optional above). You may add nothing or replace with other nuts. Or for instance, you may add poppy. Switch on your fantasy.

Step 6

Coat a baking pan with baking paper.

Step 7

Put one third of the dry mixture on the bottom. Make it flat.

Step 8

Top with half of grated apples.

Step 9

Then put another one third of the dry mixture and make it flat. Then top again with apples.

Step 10

The last layer is the dry mixture. Top with butter grated on a big grater. Pay attention to corners and edges. In my picture the butter is not well distributed – I made it thoroughly afterwards. Otherwise, the parts not covered with butter will remain dry.

Step 11

Put the pie into the oven pre-heated until 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes (mine was there for 50 minutes) until the golden crust.

Step 12

Cool down completely. It will be ideal if you out it to the fridge for a night. Top with sugar powder after it.

Step 13

Serve immediately. It is very tasty and light!

Bon appetite!
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