Apple pies with custard

I’m offering you to use this recipe for a holiday. First, you can find tasty apples even in winter, so if we want to go further from heavy holiday cakes, then this pie with an ice-cream ball is the right thing! Second, it is relatively fast and easy to cook which is important, when cooking for a holiday feeling like a spiderman and octopus at the same time. The custard might be cooked one day before. Then prepare the pie in the afternoon. And put them into the oven when guests have arrived.
Cooking time — 45 min
Complication — medium
Main ingridient: fruits
Category: desserts
Kitchen: author


For the custard:

  • Yolks - 4 pc;
  • Sugar - 1 topped tbsp;
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 pack;
  • Fat cream - 200 ml.

For pies:

  • Prepared puff paste - 1 pack (500 g);
  • Apples - 1 kg;
  • Sugar powder - 1 tbsp;
  • Ground cinnamon - 1 tbsp;
  • Sugar powder, ice-cream, mint for serving (optional)

Step 1

Prepare the custard. Here we have a non-standard recipe. We use cream instead of milk. But without flour. And it will be as dense as we need. So, we put yolks into a bowl together with sugar and vanilla sugar.

Step 2

Whip until the white foam.

Step 3

Heat the cream but much before it starts boiling. And pour with a fine flow to the bowl, keeping on to whip.

Step 4

Pour the cream over to a saucepan and get it boiled, constantly mixing up on a low heat. Then take it out and leave to get cold.

Step 5

Remove the core from apples (you may peel them out as well to make the pie more tender but I like the apple peel for its aroma!) and slice into small cubes.

Step 6

Using a round thing (plate in my case), cut out rounds – two or four, depending on the number of portions you need and your comfort. I made two. In case you’d need more, you can cut them over later. But serving the whole pie to each person is obviously fancier!

Step 7

Put the round paste on a baking pan covered with baking paper (I baked one by one because mine two didn’t fit on a pan). Top with cream having divided it into the number of your rounds.

Step 8

Arrange the apples, having divided them following the same principle.

Step 9

Sprinkle with coriander and sugar powder.

Step 10

Put into the oven pre-heated until 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye.

Step 11

Top with sugar powder for entourage before serving. It is ideal to serve with a warm ball of vanilla ice-cream and mint.

Bon appetite!
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