Cottage cheese fritters in cream

My friend has advised me this technique. Pour usual cottage cheese fritters with cream and put into the oven. My dear friends, you will get an amazing dessert instead of breakfast! Just try.  
Cooking time — 45 min
Complication — simply
Main ingridient: dairy-products
Category: pancakes, muffins
Kitchen: home
Cause: for children, breakfast, for every day
Preparation: oven, fry



5% cottage cheese – 500 g;

Eggs – 2 pc;

Sugar – 2 tbsp;

Vanilla extract (or sugar) – 1 tea spoon;

Lemon zest – 1 tbsp;

Flour – 3 slightly topped tbsp.;  

Semolina – 3 tbsp;

For sweet sauce:

22% cream – 250 ml;

Egg – 1 pc;

Sugar – 2 tbsp.

Step 1

молочные продукты
Put cottage cheese into the bowl and beat eggs into it. Stir up. I do it using a potato masher with holes.

Step 2

молочные продукты
Then grate half of lemon zest without white skin, only yellow. Add sugar and vanilla extract, stir up.

Step 3

молочные продукты
Add flour and semolina.

Step 4

молочные продукты
Stir up until flat mass.

Step 5

молочные продукты
Shape small fritters with wet hands and fry them on pre-heated frying pan with oil on medium heat.

Step 6

молочные продукты
It takes two minutes from each side.

Step 7

молочные продукты
Put fried fritters into the baking pan one on top of the other.

Step 8

молочные продукты
While frying fritters, let’s prepare a sweet sauce. Pour cream into the bowl, beat the egg and add sugar. Stir up with a beater.

Step 9

молочные продукты
When all fritters are ready and arranged in the pan, pour them with cream.

Step 10

молочные продукты
Put into the oven pre-heated until 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Step 11

молочные продукты
Let them cool down a little bit and serve. With morning coffee they are amazing!!!

Bon appetite!
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