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Fiolet Restaurant Ready For Heat!

Redaktor, 15 July 2014

Weather forecasts tell us about real summer heat coming soon. It’s getting really hot which means it’s just the time for light dishes and fresh drinks.

Restaurant Fiolet

Kitchen: Asian, Japanese
Average bill: 1500-2000 rub
Address: 4, Lomonosova square, Saint-Petersburg
Gostiny dvor

Fiolet restaurant invites guests to enjoy incomparable works from the Chef created especially for the summer menu. We advise to try tuna tartar with strawberry and piquant sauce, cold cucumber soup with tiger prawns, Murmansk cod with tender potato fillet and other new appetite dishes. 

The ideal complement of the dishes will be lemonades and low alcohol cocktails. Cucumber-basil cocktail will be perfect to satisfy the thirst and black currant caipirinha will cheer you up on top. 


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