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Vegetable Bomb & Fresh Fish At Geografia Restaurant

Redaktor, 24 April 2015

Following the seasonal tradition, the Geografia Restaurant has updated the menu. However, they still keep an intrigue and speak about news little by little every day.

Restaurant Geographia

Kitchen: European, Pan Asian, Russian
Average bill: 1000-1500 rub
Address: 5, Rubinshteina str., Saint-Petersburg

So, for public attention they have already presented chicken broth with crispy vegetables and chicken dumplings where Geografia cooks add a pile of fresh vegetables: carrot, celery root, broccoli, tomatoes, ginger root, Kenyan beans and two kinds of onion. The restaurant promises it to be a real bomb. They have also opened a tiny window over the fish offer: fresh fish purchased at the market might be steamed, grilled or baked on banana leaf. 

Would you like to know more details about the new menu? Just come to Geografia. 

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