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New Dishes Of Canton & Imperial Cuisine At Soluxe Club Restaurant

Redaktor, 12 May 2015

The Soluxe Club Restaurantis going to have the first birthday and celebrating the occasion, chef Chen Yundzan has substantially updated the menu.

Restaurant Soluxe Club

Kitchen: Chefs, European, Chinese
Average bill: from 3000 rub
Address: B. 6, 2/1, Kutuzovsky prospect, Moscow

The appetizers include now traditional Chinese delicacy Pork ears with sour & sweet sauce (430 rubles), Chicken hearts with cilantro (460 rubles) and Salad with chicken, jellyfish and crispy vegetables (540 rubles). Such exotic ingredient as jellyfish that inhabits in the Southern Chinese Sea and is delivered to the restaurant from China will perfectly complement vegetables and chicken fillet. 

Both vegetarians and meat-lovers will be glad to try new soups such as soup with pumpkin, meat, taro and potatoes (530 rubles) and chicken soup with mushrooms where two sorts of mushrooms are used: healthy and incredibly effective matsutake and first spring mushrooms morels. 

The Canton cuisine is famous in China and in the world for a variety of seafood and fish courses and also for a well-balanced taste reached by moderate usage of spices and herbs. For instance, sea bass turns out to excellently match with cashew and dragon fruit (1800 rubles) and sounds interesting in gastronomic way with teriyaki sauce (2100 rubles), while shrimps will be absolutely changed if cooking with vanilla and potato chips. The menu has also found the space for such familiar and favourite dishes as Fried rice with vegetables and Hong Kong beef (520 rubles), Chicken pieces with mango (670 rubles) and Beef tongue with pepper sauce (680 rubles). Especially for a group of friends there is Baked lamb (4100 rubles) counted at least for two. 


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