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Restaurant The Pavlin-Mavlin Tea House (Khimki)

Restaurant, Banket hall,
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09:00 - 06:00
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4, Stroiteley str., Moscow district, Khimki (на карте)
Rechnoy vokzal (5.25 км), Planernaya (3.22 км)
Secured free
Number of halls:
2 floors, 2 halls: 170 seats
For children:
Nursery, Children's events, Animators, Highchairs, Children's menu, Performances
Summer terrace, ,
Draft beer, Кальян, Мангал, Гриль, Постное меню, Еда навынос, Доставка,
Karaoke, Belledance
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Bright and cosy atmosphere of the Pavlin Mavlin Tea House impresses its guests from the very start.

Colourful interior with old carpets, hand-made tapestries, cushions, hookahs and huge clay pottery is designed in style of modern classics of Uzbekistan. Due to this fact the restaurant is a fine place for quiet evenings and special events. The place is also popular among business people as the peacock (pavlin) symbolizes successful deals in Tashkent. One third of the total area is separated by a movable wall, creating a hall (50 seats) with its sound and a separate entrance. Besides, there is a children’s room with a wide variety of games, toys and cartoons. On Saturday and Sunday cheerful animators conduct creative activities and culinary classes for kids. In summer the tea house opens a spacious verandah (70 seats) which is called one of the best verandahs in Moscow.

The menu includes bright aromatic spicy Oriental dishes and the most popular European classics. On Thursday pilaf is served in the tea house according to Uzbek tradition. This day a huge wok is installed in the centre of the main hall and pilaf is cooked on the base of the new recipe of the brand chef who worked as a private chef for Uzbek president’s daughter. On Saturday a lamb is spit fired in public. These days the place is filled with unforgettable aromas and it has the feel of gastronomic feast.

Special attention is paid to quality of ingredients, that’s why they are not frozen or stored long time, and pilaf – the top dish – is cooked twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

The main menu includes the menu for children, bar list, hookah list with 30 sorts of hookah tobacco and tea list with mulled wine, grogs, and warming berry drinks. Original chef’s desserts or homemade jams (cornelian cherry, mulberry, fig, queen apple, apricot, yellow sweet cherry or new walnuts) should be tried for afters.

The Pavlin Mavlin arranges a lot of surprises and presents for its guests for all holidays and events, Oriental beauties execute belly dance on weekends.

The Pavlin Mavlin Tea House is the restaurant of traditional Uzbek cuisine for the family!


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