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Bar Muzey

Average check
52/7, Kosmodamianskaya nab., Moscow
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Bar, Restaurant
Average check:
12:00 - 00:00 (until the last guest)
52/7, Kosmodamianskaya nab., Moscow (на карте)
Paveletskaya (724 м)
Number of halls:
Three halls – 110 seats
Credit cards:
Master Card / Eurocard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, Union, Maestro
Business lunch:
Business lunch from 12.00 to 16.00
Winter Garden, Summer terrace, Panoramic view
Background, Live, Dj
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Neoclassic in its best execution – this is a brief idea of the new bar-restaurant Muzey. 

Designed by investors not only as a restaurant but also as an exhibition place for private paintings, it is fancied for its dynamics, concept and excellent cuisine from Italian Chef Marco Iachetta.  

Famous for being sociable, open-minded and easy-going, Marco often comes to the hall to greet guests, to listen to reaction to his culinary work or to entertain the audience with handling fish or serving meat. Together with Chef, there are other masters working at Muzey kitchen over their culinary masterpieces – confectioner, tea master, professional sushi makers creating delicate, tender, delightful sushi and rolls.  

The wine carte has been designed with active participation of Chef. For this reason, even not professional person will easily create an ideal duet ‘dish-wine’. Speakingaboutalcoholingeneral, here you’ll find only the best alcohol from all over the world as it’s appreciated both for taste and high quality. There is hardly anything not worth trusting. 

Authenticity is the word characterizing all products sel ected by the famous Italian for his cuisine. Gauda is not concealed under Mozzarella, and crab sticks – under crabs. Original products determine simplicity of dishes. The main accent has been made on finest flavor combinations and culinary game of nuances. The bright illustration might be traditional Russian salad from Chef with asparagus instead of cucumbers and smoked salmon instead of chicken. Or there is classic Beef Stroganoff contemporized with side dish of potato Raffaellos. 

Classic-modern tandem is vividly represented in the interior: elegant furniture of chocolate and milk tones, heavy curtains, fire-places, big candles… at the same time you see extraordinary violet color, technological transparent steps of the bar stand, which converts to podium when necessary, geometric highlighting ceiling that demonstrates achievements of modern techniques and the most fashionable rhythms. 

Music always supports the general ambiance at the restaurant. In the afternoon for business lunch for 700 rubles consisting of three dishes, they play lounge compositions good as background for business negotiations, tasty food or just eating silently restoring emotional strength. Closer to the evening, the main courses are supplemented with a variety of alcohol cocktails and lounge music is replaced with energetic soul. DJs have a fine appreciation of the general mood, so sound and light follow the guests. 

The whole space of the restaurants accounted for 110 people is logically divided into several zones: boudoir, sofa, banquet and winter garden. All of them are united with a big bar which is transformed fr om business lunch area into a dancing ground or podium for fashion showsdepending on day and time. The banquet hall for 20 people is separated and distinct for chamber ambiance, full confidentiality and comfort. 

The winter garden with panoramic windows and an excellent view to the well-designed park with emerald lawn in the summer and white snow frosty trees in the winter is incredibly attractive. There is much light here, much air, much live energy. You can feel slight breath of greenery here, so winter garden is very popular. 

And even restrooms at Muzey deserve a special story: women to Joconda, men to Van Gogh. The museum topic is also supported with renewing exposition of paintings. The paintings located on the walls at the main hall, may smoothly comply with the restaurant concept, for instance, futuristic works of modern artists, or they may engage your sight, like Stalmakhov’shumour drawings. Works of this Byelorussian artist dilute wellconservatism and high technologies of classic.  

The art spirit, performed by designer Alexander Minaev and Art People Group, can be felt in original hookahs looking like globes, in art serving banquet buffets (the speed of organizing them is impressive – several hours might be enough), in the contrast of conceptual violet with yellow tulips, heralds of your certain return to the restaurant.  Restaurant-bar Muzey: neoclassic in its best execution. 


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