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Banket hall Event Moskva

Like “The Star Wars” for fiction genre, like the invention of the Internet for human development, like DJ Tiesto for electronic music - the Event Moskva holding means as much for corporate and banquet life of the capital. The Event Moskva Holding has become the milestone event, the settler and the beginning of the new era. This brand was created, and the most fabulous city celebrations, most discussed concerts, presentations and prizes achieved the unprecedented scale, unseen size and unthinkable quality of performing.

For those, who is out of the picture, the Event Moskva is the largest holding uniting cult banquet places of the capital as the central and modern “Izvestia Hall”, the expensive, bright and never-sleeping “ICON”, the tremendous and unreal “Space Moscow”, the light and trendy “Shakti Terrace”. A perfect experienced team of professionals is behind all this to fulfill any customer’s ideas within an incredibly short period of time, keeping quality, style and standard.

Another aspect of success for the Event Moskva is technical equipment of every site. The Event Moskva organizes everything and anything: a show broadcast to the LED screen of the three-stored building size, aerial performers or car drifting inside the club. Power, space, light and sound equipment, in-house cooking, security and customer services are included. Whatever you will think about, we know where to organize it!

The banquet-concert holding Event Moskva is something, others don’t dare to dream of.

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