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Banket hall Beriozovaya roscha

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8A, Kuusinena str., Moscow
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Banket hall, Cafe, Restaurant
11:00 - 24:00
8A, Kuusinena str., Moscow (на карте)
Polezhaevskaya (941 м), Sokol (2.16 км)
Number of halls:
2 halls: 1 – 100 seats, 2 – 40 seats
For children:
Children's menu, Children's events
Dance Floor, Catering, Summer terrace
Pop/Rock, Background
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There are good grounds to call the restaurant so as the windows of the buildings face a large park called The Birchwood. It is an ideal leisure place any season. Designers completed amazing views with flower beds, fountains and garden sculptures the way the whole restaurant and the park became unique. Welcome to the woods! - that’s what the entrance sign says.
Free guarded parking, verandah in the garden and two spacious halls are at guests’ disposal. Quiet fire-place hall is a perfect match to hold negotiations and peaceful parties in a friendly atmosphere. There is no live music but the fire-place is lightly crinckling. The restaurant offers a private VIP-room to arrange more important events. The main hall of the Birchwood suggests holding major celebrations and making up a wonderful mood any time. You can order any music to the musicians, have fun on the dance floor and just enjoy a wonderful dinner here. By the way, you can organize any event in the restaurant – we can prepare everything for your celebration – from a cake and banquet dishes to musicians and performers of any genre.
The menu starts with a wide variety of hookahs. A handsome Moroccan will make a hookah on the base of one of 20 exotic fillings at your choice, including the original one – pineapple and Arabic spices. A large choice of Italian, French (including elite series of Grand Cru), Spanish, Israel and other wines.
All the dishes are divided into Russian and Caucasian cuisines for your convenience. Except for a large variety of starters and entrees, the Birchwood offers to try its original salad cooked from avocado, shrimps, pine nuts and salmon caviar, as well as a special The Oriental Star dish made out of light duck breast dressed with fruit sauce. The pride of the restaurant is traditional Caucasian dishes. More than 20 sorts of jams and rare sorts of tea are brought from Azerbaijan. Shish-kebabs (more than 25 sorts) and all hot dishes are served on grill in a saj, the original tray. The chef suggests having the dolma dish (vegetables, stuffed with juicy meat) and splendid Shakh-pilaf – the performance dish.
If you want to organize a party to remember, the doors of the Birchwood restaurant are always open wide!

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