Fast pie with sausages

How good it is to have talented cooks among relatives. The fantasy for fast pies is unlimited. The idea of stuffing was advised by my sister. I ran away to execute. This is really an option to use what is available in the fridge. At the same time it is unexpectedly tasty.  
Cooking time — 45 min
Complication — simply
Main ingridient: sausage-products
Category: baking
Kitchen: home
Cause: for every day, picnic
Preparation: oven, simmer



Sausages – 300 g;

Onion – 1 pc;

Carrot – 2 pc;

Sour cream – 200 ml;

Dill – a bunch; 

Salt, black ground pepper;

Dry granular garlic – 1 tea spoon;

Oil – 3 tbsp. 

For dough:

Eggs – 2 pc;

Kefir – 1 glass;

Mayoannise – 200 ml (1 glass); 

Soda – ½ tea spoon; 

Vinegar – approximately 1-2 tea spoon;

Flour – 10 topped  tbsp.; 

Sesame (optional) – 2 tbsp.  

Step 1

колбасные продукты
Finely chop the onion.

Step 2

колбасные продукты
Grate the carrot on a small grater.

Step 3

колбасные продукты
Heat the oil on a frying pan and parboil onion for a couple of minutes until it gets soft.

Step 4

колбасные продукты
Then add carrots to it and stew for 5 minutes on average heat. If I see the oil is not enough, I add hot water from the kettle – just two-three table spoons.

Step 5

колбасные продукты
Meanwhile, finely chop the sausages.

Step 6

колбасные продукты
Add sausages to the frying pan and heat over all together for a couple of minutes.

Step 7

колбасные продукты
Then add sour cream. Mix up all.

Step 8

колбасные продукты
Sprinkle with salt (remember that sausages are already salty) and pepper, add garlic.

Step 9

колбасные продукты
Add finely chopped dill. Mix up and switch off.

Step 10

колбасные продукты
Make the dough. Mix up eggs and kefir.

Step 11

колбасные продукты
Add mayonnaise, mix up.

Step 12

колбасные продукты
Put out soda with vinegar – fill a tea spoon with soda and start pouring vinegar with thin-jet flow until soda in the tea spoon gets into the foam. Mix up.

Step 13

колбасные продукты
Add flour and stir well until the flat mass.

Step 14

колбасные продукты
You will get the dough like think sour cream.

Step 15

колбасные продукты
Grease the bottom and walls of the baking pan with oil.

Step 16

колбасные продукты
Pour half of the dough on the bottom of the pan.

Step 17

колбасные продукты
Put the filling on top of the dough.

Step 18

колбасные продукты
Pour the rest of the dough and top with sesame.

Step 19

колбасные продукты
Put into the oven pre-heated until 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Keep an eye – it should acquire such light brown colour.

Step 20

колбасные продукты
I’ve finished one third of the pie immediately. Bon appetite!

Bon appetite!
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